What is SUB1X?

SUB1X is an ultra low supply, community driven cryptocurrency. It started off as an ERC-20 token with over 80% of the supply being distributed in the form of an airdrop. In order to achieve its long term ambitions, the development team decided that creating a dedicated masternode compatible SUB1X chain was the best method forward.

Why invest in SUB1X?

  • Scarcity

    - A supply of just 10,000 means SUB1X will be the lowest supply masternode coin to date
  • Masternodes

    - The implementation of high reward MNs with annual returns of 1000%+ whilst maintaining modest inflation.
  • Anonymous Tech

    - The integration of zerocoin protocol will allow users to remain completely anonymous whilst making transactions. As a result, payments can be made across the chain with complete privacy.
  • Community Governance

    - SUB1X is decentralised at heart, sticking to the core principles that make crypto appealing. Once additional roadmap goals have been satisfied, decisions will be made by node holders via governance masternode voting.
  • Fair Distribution

    - SUB1X has an extremely fair distribution process because of its origin as an airdropped ERC-20 token. Consequently, no one user holds a monopoly over the supply.
  • Instant Transactions

    - SUB1X has 6 second block times - the lowest of any coin, making transfers across the chain instantaneous.


100% PoS
Annual Inflation
Block Target
6 seconds
Transaction Fee
0.0001 SUB1X
Block Maturity
Masternode Collateral
20 SUB1X
Masternode APR
Min Stake Age
3 hours

Official block explorer: SUB1X Block Explorer

Source code: GitHub

Masternode Statistics

MN Rank
Coming soon
Coming soon
Masternodes Pro
Coming soon


Masternode Reservation Program

All nodes were reserved on a first come, first served basis. In the situation that one node is sold, an opportunity will arise for another user to reserve that spot.

Masternode AWS Setup Tutorial

Masternode Linux/Mac Setup Tutorial

Masternode Windows Setup Tutorial


What is the purpose of SUB1X?

The advantages of anonymity, fast transfer speeds and extremely low transaction fees will make SUB1X an attractive alternative for merchants. By Q4 2018, SUB1X will fulfill its purpose as a payment method for multiple online vendors.

What are the long term ambitions for SUB1X?

The main aspiration of SUB1X is to be used as a means of exchange for online businesses. SUB1X boasts features that make it an ideal currency:

  • Convenience: The fastest transaction times of any coin (6 second blocks)
  • Fungibility: Ultra anonymous tech (zerocoin)
  • Affordability: Virtually non-existent transaction fees (0.0001SUB1X)
At the same time, the ultra low supply in combination with masternode limits also makes it a profitable long term investment.

What blockchain is SUB1X running on?

The intentions of this project have always been community oriented. It started out as an airdropped ERC-20 Ethereum token, but to satisfy longer term goals, a swap to a dedicated SUB1X chain (based on PIVX technology) was necessary.

How do I start staking coins?

To stake coins, you must transfer them into your wallet and wait 3 days for the minting process to be finished. For the staking process to work, you must leave your wallet running on your computer/virtual machine 24/7.

How do I setup nodes?

The requirements to set-up a Masternode are:

  • The official SUB1X wallet,
  • 20 SUB1X
  • VPS server (Recommended requirements - 512MB+ RAM)
A video tutorial will soon be released demonstrating the setup procedure of a masternode hosted on Ubuntu.

What exchanges are planned for the future?

SUB1X will be listed to Coinsmarkets and by the end of December 2017. There are also plans for getting listed on Cryptopia in the near future.

Once the first phases of merchant integration have been rolled out, we will aim to list SUB1X on more reputable exchanges.




Roadmap 2017 - 2018


Coin Swap

Swap from ERC-20 tokens to a dedicated SUB1X blockchain


Public Masternode Release

Public Masternode release


Exchange Listing

Listing to exchanges: CryptoBridge, Coinsmarkets and Stocks.Exchange


Masternode Exposure

Listing to +



Implementation of Zerocoin protocol


Tor Network

Overlaying Tor on the SUB1X chain


Merchant integration

Getting SUB1X added as a viable means of payment for businesses