SUB1X is an ultra low supply, community-driven cryptocurrency. It started off as an ERC-20 token, with over 80% of the supply being distributed in the form of an airdrop. In order to achieve its long term ambitions, the development team decided that creating a dedicated masternode-compatible SUB1X chain was the best way forward.

Core Features

  • Low Supply

    - SUB1X has the lowest supply of any masternode coin. This will make it one of the most highly valued crypto-assets on the market.
  • Masternodes

    - Provides the ultimate passive income source for investors. The SUB1X ROI has been determined, from devising a complex mathematical formula that achieves the perfect balance between inflation and node returns.
  • Instant Transfers

    - Unparalleled transfer speeds from the ability to make transactions without the need for confirmations.
  • Zerocoin Protocol

    - This will give the user complete privacy and anonymity when transferring across the chain.
  • Fair Distribution

    - SUB1X has one of the best distribution models of any coin. During it's phase as an ERC-20 token, coins were divided amongst 1000's of participants. There is no one individual/entity that holds more than 2.5% of the supply.

Upcoming Features & Additions

  • Community Governance

    - 10% of each block has been allocated to future governance. This gives the community full control on how development funds should be spent, as well as the block reward itself and any other monetary relation decision.
  • Whitepaper

    - A fully detailed technical whitepaper that includes the logistics behind how node governance and the zerocoin protocol works.
  • Masternode Ranking Sites

    - SUB1X will list to both Masternodes.Online and, allowing it to gain maximum exposure amongst the MN community.
  • Exchange Listings

    - The SUB1X team has developed a strategic plan that will allow for the coin liquidity to grow sustainably over time. This will involve listing to a combination of mid tier volume exchanges, that have been filtered through comparing relevant performance metrics.
  • Merchant Integration

    - Partnering up with a wide range of ecommerce stores that can integrate SUB1X as a viable means of payment.


Initial Supply
Block Target
60 seconds
100% PoS
Block Maturity
Transaction Fee
Masternode Collateral
20 SUB1X
Min Stake Age
3 hours






Q1 2019

MN Archive Release

Q2 2019

Decentralised Crowdsourcing Centre Release

Q3 2019

Public Forum Release

Q3 2019

Portal Marketing Campaign

Q3 2019

Premium Portal - BETA

Q4 2019

Premium Portal - Release